Wholesale Chocolates

Our award-winning chocolates are available for wholesale in our beautiful packaging offered in a variety of sizes, from grab-and-go single serving packages to our luxurious Chocolate Libraries that make a statement around the holidays. Our most common feedback from our retail partners around the country is that our chocolates "fly off the shelves" due to their unique attributes and flavor profiles, and eye-catching packaging.
If you are interested in stocking our chocolates, we offer three options:
1) Email to set up an account, or fill out the form below and we will get back to you with wholesale information
2) Order through Faire
If you are new to Faire, they are a web portal that allows easy ordering for brick & mortar stores to shop some of the best products in the country from one website. Additionally, they offer the following benefits:
  • Net 60 terms on all orders
  • Free returns on your first order